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"I am amazed at how subtle life style changes have made such a huge positive difference for me."
- Ernie Schroeder
"The therapists customized my treatment in such a way as to provide relief from pain and optimal function. As my "patient advocate" they worked relentlessly with my physician and facilitated both an appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to Your Personal Best I was able to avoid surgery and I can participate in the exercise and activities I love."  - PG

"At YPB, I'm not sent to a gym, given a few exercises and forgotten. I get customized, personal care the entire time I'm there. I'm never hurried to finish or rushed out the door. And, every time I leave, I feel better, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally from the caring, personal experience that everyone at YPB ensures that I receive."  -GB

"I came to Your Personal Best with a 6 week bout of pain radiating down my leg and having difficulty sleeping at night. With hands on therapy and specified exercises the pain down my leg was resolved and I returned to my regular activities. It has been a year now since my injury and if I feel the pain returning I know what to do to manage the symptoms. My exercise program was customized for my condition and I know what to do to take care of myself!"  -DLS

"I was scheduled for surgery on my knee and decided to try to some physical therapy before just to see if it might help.  They used an ultrasound treatment on me and after 4 weeks it completely broke up the calcification around my knee.  I cancelled my surgery and after a couple more visits I will be good as new!  YPB saved me a tremendous amount of time, money and pain with their amazing therapy treatments."  -ES

"After giving birth I was experiencing terrible lower back pain. I visited YPB and within 3 weeks I was able to pick up my baby girl without any pain.  Having a newborn, I couldn't afford to be in pain all of the time.  I would so recommend physical therapy to anyone who needs to get back on their feet fast!"  -JZ

"I’ve had foot pain for years.  After my first session at YPB I could already tell a difference when I was driving home.  After a few more sessions I was able to walk down to the stairs normally, which was HUGE for me.  I called them on the phone right then to tell them my big news, they were that much like family to me.  Now I go every now and then for maintenance but my foot feels amazing and I can finally do all of the activities I’ve put off because of the pain."  -JL

"I was scheduled to run in the NYC marathon but with a bad knee the task of running an entire marathon seemed impossible.  I left my other PT on the recommendation of a friend to try Your Personal Best and I’m so glad I did!  The therapists there worked around my schedule to get my knee in great shape before the marathon and showed me some taping techniques to use during the run.  Thanks to their help I was able to finish the marathon and had the experience of a lifetime!"  -MB
“After suffering w/a pinched nerve for two months and going to 4 therapy sessions w/ Sports Medicine's best therapists and then a visit to a Spine and Pain Management Specialist, it was recommended by Dr. Paul Pickrell at my annual checkup to try his physical therapist, Amy Beth Hopkins. I drove there immediately w/out calling to see if they could work me in. They did. AND they worked w/me on the fees since Your Personal Best is not in my Teacher Retirement insurance network. Once my session was completed, I felt firsthand why Dr. Pickrell recommended Hopkins so highly --- she's AWESOME. It was 45 minutes of one on one time devoted to work on the pinched nerve. I didn't get that with my other therapies. FINALLY, a 90 mile round trip that was worthwhile!”  -MS